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Putting Children First: Co-Parenting Through a Pandemic

February 5, 2021  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Co-parenting under normal circumstances presents many challenges for families of divorced or separated parents. Add a worldwide pandemic to a tenuous, oftentimes contentious, family dynamic and the results can be devastating for everyone involved. During COVID-19, many families are discovering that previous co-parenting arrangements may not withstand the demands associated with sheltering in place and remote/distance learning. This can amplify an already stressful situation. Read our blog as we discuss ways to help families cope with the challenges associated with co-parenting through a pandemic. Ensure safety when changing households Many parents wonder if it’s safe to have their children travel back and forth between two households, especially if the other parent is at a higher risk for exposure through work or contact with others like a stepparent or significant other. Some have even gone to court over such matters. Parents should make every effort to talk amongst themselves to discuss how to address safety concerns before getting the courts involved. Maintain open lines of communication Oftentimes separated or divorced parents are estranged from one another, making communication and planning quite challenging. However, parents should try to set aside their differences and focus on the heath and well-being of their children. Maintaining open and honest lines of communication is critical. If you find communicating…

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What are the Biggest Benefits of Having a Divorce Attorney?

July 25, 2018  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

When couples have the unfortunate task of seeking a divorce, it can be tempting to file on your own by using state provided documents or information gleaned from websites or books. While uncontested divorces and other such situations may make a ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce look like an easier solution, most individuals should consider hiring a divorce attorney to ensure that their interests are fully protected. Your Two Biggest Gains With a Divorce Attorney While there are several benefits to enlist the assistance of a divorce attorney, there are two main ones that we often ask clients to consider. Advice From an Expert Having an experienced attorney can help ensure that you retain assets during the divorce and that you don’t give up more than you should in completing the process. If your marriage has any complicated issues to settle, such as child custody and support issues, debts, assets, substantial income or something such as an inheritance, a divorce attorney can be an invaluable resource. Don’t leave your financial well-being and future up to the internet, get expert advice from an attorney that has your best interests in mind. Avoid Costly Mistakes Divorce in Minnesota can be expensive. When completing a DIY divorce, there are two main reasons that people make mistakes – the stress…

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Misconceptions About Child Support

July 1, 2018  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Child support is one of the main issues that can be decided when it comes to divorce. Child support are regular payments that are made by one parent to the other. Despite the concept of child support seemingly being simple to understand, there are misconceptions associated with it that can cause problems when it comes to the divorce. So, let’s take a look at them and clear up questions commonly asked.   Child Support is Optional Many people think that child support is an option after a divorce and not something you have to do if you don’t want to. Well, depending on the ruling in your divorce, if you are ordered to pay child support it can be a criminal offense not to pay. This means you must keep up with your payments or face consequences for it. The amount you pay for child support will be calculated based on your income, as well as insurance costs, childcare costs, and the amount of time the child is in your care. Once set by the court, this is the amount you need to pay; it is not optional.    Child Support is only for Food and Clothing It is often assumed that child support is for the basics that are needed, such as food…

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