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Family Court Hearings: Tips and Strategies

October 13, 2022  |  Jason C. Brown

Courtrooms are not meant to be friendly or comfortable. They exist for one purpose: decision-making. How do you stand the best chance at making a good impression on the judge? Here are ten things to keep in mind: Dress the part. The court does not expect you to wear formal attire to the hearing. At the same time, t-shirts and blue jeans are probably best kept for another day. Business casual is just fine. Refer to the court as “your honor.” Over the years, I’ve observed litigants call the judge “madam,” “sir,” or “judge.” All are tactful, but the path of least resistance is to simply use “your honor.” That way, the court’s train of thought won’t be disrupted. Leave your phone in the car. Cell phones are quite disruptive in a quiet courtroom setting. Some judges confiscate ringing phones and charge the owner to get it back – even when they thought it was on silent mode. Don’t take a chance. Speak only when spoken to. The judge is trying to manage a courtroom full of people as efficiently as possible. Follow their lead. If you are asked a question, answer it. But don’t try to take control of the situation. Don’t argue. It may sound counterintuitive, but there is a time…

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Early Mediation in Your Civil Litigation Case: A Time and Cost Saver, or a Waste of Time and Money?

August 19, 2022  |  Joan M. Quade

The short answer is that it depends. But there are many cases where, with hindsight, we can say that it would have been beneficial to try early mediation. There are some cases where we tried early mediation and they settled before the parties spent a lot of money and time. These are usually the happiest litigants. In my 35 years as a lawyer and advocate for litigants, in many different types of civil litigation cases, and my years as a mediator and an arbitrator, I can tell you that there are many cases that would, and many that did, do well in early mediation. There are also many more cases, especially in the last years, that should have tried early mediation and settled. Litigation should be a last resort for dispute resolution. It costs too much, and it takes too long. Good lawyers, who have a thorough understanding of the law and experience in the litigation process, and who are representing reasonable clients, should be able to negotiate a settlement with the help of a skilled mediator. More and more the parties wish, as they slog through the litigation process, that they would have settled earlier in the process, instead of spending the money and time it takes to litigate. 96% of all…

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Osseo High School Students Learn About Careers in Transportation

May 7, 2022  |  Toni Perrier

Osseo high school students interested in trucking careers had the chance to learn and ask questions directly from trucking professionals on April 25th. BGS Shareholder and attorney Carole Clark Isakson, with the help of the Minnesota Trucking Association, put together the career information event with the Osseo High School Career Resource Center. Students interested in careers in transportation were invited to attend to learn about everything from truck driving to jobs as diesel mechanics, dispatchers, HR professionals, brokers and more. As an attorney with many trucking clients (and the granddaughter of a large trucking company owner) Carole understands the great opportunities available at trucking companies. Those opportunities require varying levels of education and training, and represent stable well-paying jobs. Carole is also a board member of the Minnesota Trucking Association Foundation. Austin Blue, a company driver for Manning Transfer, Nick Jones, a diesel technician for Rihm Kenworth, and Anthony Book, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Long Haul Trucking served as the panel. They shared what a normal day is like for them, how they got started in their trucking careers, what training was needed, and what they see as the benefits of working in the trucking industry. Mr. Blue was able to provide great insight into starting as a driver…

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