Best Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

December 31, 2015  |  Adriel B. Villarreal

You can’t control anyone else’s actions behind the wheel, but you can control your own. Prevention is the key. What should you do to prevent an accident? 1. Be Cautious of Blind Spots Your side mirrors and rearview mirror can be adjusted to provide a panoramic view behind you, but there is always a chance a vehicle can enter your blind spot. This is the space where your side mirror and rearview mirror fail, leaving you with the inability to see the vehicle right next to you. Other drivers will have these blind spots, especially when you’re driving right next to them or are coming up to pass them. Looking over your shoulder before switching lanes will help you to avoid blind spot accidents. 2. Continually Scan the Road The road in front of you extends well beyond the vehicle you’re behind. Scanning the road in front of you will allow you to have enough time to react to sudden vehicle stops, accidents, animals in the road, or other road dangers that could result in an accident. 3. Avoid Fast Lanes There is a reason the fast lane is only meant for passing – there is nowhere to escape. Practicing defensive driving requires you to drive in the middle or right lane. When…

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What to Do If You’re Hit on a Bicycle

December 23, 2015  |  Adriel B. Villarreal

When bikes collide with vehicles, the result can be disastrous – and oftentimes, fatal. If you’re hit while riding your bicycle, it’s important to remain calm. The actions you take immediately following the accident may impact your financial recovery for damage to your bike and injuries. Follow these steps if you’re hit on a bicycle. Get Medical Attention First and foremost, get medical attention if you’re seriously injured. Your health should be your top priority, and getting medical care as soon as possible is the only way to be sure you have documentation of your injuries. Contact the Police The second most important step is to contact the police, and make sure that you wait for them to arrive at the scene. File a police report even if you don’t think you’re injured. In many cases, cyclists don’t even realize they’re injured until several hours after the accident occurs. Injuries that appear to be minor at first can progress into serious – sometimes permanent – injuries. Also, remember that if you leave the scene before the police arrive, you may not be able to identify the at-fault driver.   Don’t try to negotiate with the driver or accept any blame. Just wait for police to arrive, so the accident can be documented properly…

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December 21, 2015  |  Bradley Kletscher

BY: Bradley A. Kletscher In July 2015, medical cannabis became legal in Minnesota for a limited purpose. Under this new law, persons registered under Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Law (“MMML”) can engage in possession and use of “medical cannabis”. Under MMML, medical cannabis means “any species of the genus cannabis plant, or any mixture or preparation of them delivered in liquid or pill form.” Patients can use a vaporized delivery so long as it does not require leaves. In order to register, a health care practitioner must certify that a patient suffers from a “qualifying medical condition.”  After patients receive certification, they have 90 days to submit a patient application for enrollment to the registry program. Patients have to reapply annually within 90 days of the original submission anniversary if they want to keep their use legal. Qualified persons are not allowed to use the medication in any public place, including public transit, school grounds, or while operating types of transportation. Once patients are successfully registered, they receive some protections. Following successful registration, use or possession of medical cannabis is not a state civil or state criminal violation. Employers should be aware that unless a failure to do so would violate federal law or regulations or cause an employer to lose a monetary or…

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