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Can International Laws Affect My Divorce?

October 23, 2017  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Going through a divorce is a very difficult time in many people’s life and not something we ever plan to deal with. This means that the process can often be stressful and tense for both partners and will involve sorting out property, valuables and making the best arrangements for the children going forward. Often it can take months before a divorce is final due to the complexity of the circumstances. In Minnesota, a divorce is called Dissolution of Marriage and unfortunately, problems often arise concerning property and children and who is entitled to receive the property and have custody. Yet, sometimes there are more complications that arise before sorting out issues concerning the marriage. The most common scenario that can make divorce proceedings tricky is when one of the partners has maintained citizenship or has residence in another country that has a different jurisdiction. This will mean that the question of international law pops up before anything can be dealt with, which will require the courts to decide what state or country can grant and finalize the divorce. After all, laws are very specific to each state and country, which means issues in divorces will be resolved differently from country to country. Generally, it will depend on where the divorce paperwork is filed…

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What Are The Most Common Types of Family Law Cases?

May 22, 2017  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Family is the most important thing in the world and this means that any problems that arise are particularly troubling for everyone involved. This is where family law steps in and tries to solve any breakdowns as amicably as possible. Family law disputes are dealt with in the civil court system, which allows two people to settle their differences in front of a judge. Family law cases will deal with domestic matters and are usually between spouses and parents, whether this is solving problems between them or concerning issues with their children. Read on to find out more about the common issues that can arise in family law cases and how they are dealt with in court. Divorce When a husband or wife wants to end their marriage, sometimes it is not a straightforward and easy situation to deal with. Common problems include resentment and arguments over what happens to property and belongings that are shared after the separation, as well as any alimony or spousal support that is due. In court, a judge will be able to consider all of the evidence and decide what each person should receive and the fair division of martial assets, as well as granting a divorce or annulment.  Child Support Cases concerning child support are taken…

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Getting Divorced & Selling Your House – What You Should Know

April 29, 2017  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Statistics show that in the United States, over 50{a0c01d20c42349884e67ff80c137866b0a9fe47aaae8f8a86a605a369ae487c3} of marriages end in divorce. It is never an easy decision to split up with your husband or wife, as they are someone who has been a big part of your life and you will face a lot of upheaval and changes in the months following your divorce. While you may share happy memories, you also share property and assets that will need to be divided upon dissolution of marriage. This will not always be a straightforward and easy task. In particular, when it comes to selling a house, divorce proceedings can become complicated. A home may be the most valuable asset that is shared between spouses, which can lead to disagreement on its value and division, leading to what seems like irreconcilable differences. The Importance of Divorce Attorneys One way to make divorce proceedings and selling your house that little bit easier is through retaining divorce attorneys to look out for your interests during the process. Unfortunately, divorces can get ugly and when there is money involved in property, it can bring out the worst in everyone. Divorce attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible, as well as ensuring that you…

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