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BGS Attorney Carole Clark Isakson Presents at the Minnesota CLE Center

July 7, 2023  |  Carole Clark Isakson

Promissory Estoppel? Liquidated Damages? If you attended a seminar by BGS Attorney Carole Clark Isakson this week, you know what those are. Ms. Isakson was one of several presenters on June 27, 2023 at the Minnesota CLE center, all of whom had contributed materials to The Complete Lawyer’s Quick Answer Book.  Carole spoke about contract law, an area in which she has been working for more than three decades. Attendees learned about the elements of a contract, what constitutes an offer and acceptance, and how courts in Minnesota interpret contracts.  When do emails and conversations impact how a contract is interpreted? This depends in part on the contract terms.  Most likely is that prior conversations about the contract terms will not be persuasive if they contradict the terms of a contract that was then signed. She also spoke about breach of contract cases and how one can prevail or defend those claims. Tips for solid contract drafting were provided to the audience; a well drafted contract is the best defense against any type of claim based on the contract.  State law requires that some types of contracts be in writing to be enforceable or provide a party with the ability to void a contract that is not in writing. BGS is proud to…

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Herman L. Talle Retirement

February 15, 2023  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Attorney Herm Talle is a well-known figure in Anoka County legal fields and has practiced since 1959. Herm joined Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. during a merger in 1991 with the intention of winding down his practice. That practice continued for another thirty-two years. Herm finally decided to retire on January 31st, 2023. During those final 32 years Herm counseled many young attorneys and taught them how to be good lawyers. Full of history, knowledge and a unique insight on legal practice, Herm routinely made everyone’s day brighter at BGS just by showing up and being part of the team. His stories will be missed dearly, and we wish him all the best in retirement at long last. Congratulations Herm! Well done and well-earned retirement.

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Is Your Employment Lawyer Readily Accessible?

October 6, 2021  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Employment law has never been more complicated than it is right now. Every termination, request for leave, on-the-job injury, interview, offer of employment, and complaint has its own set of landmines for employers. Regardless of company size and number of employees, being an employer and navigating the complex world of employment law has become a real challenge. Employers, and even their skilled human resources teams, sometimes need legal advice and opinions to avoid potential costly mistakes in handling employee issues. Continue reading to learn more about my experience with employment lawyer accessibility. I represent a wide variety of employers, ranging in size from thousands to only a handful, and everything in between. The one thing they have in common is that if they employ people, they will need sound, practical legal advice at some point. Many employers need advice regularly because of the complexity of the issues while making employment decisions.   Employment advice and consultations are all about controlling the risk while making the best decision for the company. For example, most employees in the State of Minnesota are “employees at will.” This means they can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. But that is not where the analysis ends, because even employees who are “at will” cannot be fired for a discriminatory…

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