Do I have Grounds for a Personal Injury Case?

January 4, 2019  |  Adriel B. Villarreal

Accidents happen all the time and they can take place anywhere. But, it becomes more serious when you are in a situation that was not your fault. For example, you may have been in a car accident that was caused by another driver or slipped and fell in situations that were unsafe. In these situations, you can be left hurt and confused about what happened, as well as wonder what your options are since you were not at fault.

The first thing that people think about after being in a bad situation is making a personal injury claim. This is for a good reason and if you are involved in a situation that has caused you to become injured, there is a need to feel compensated for what happened. This is particularly true if you have suffered loss wages or other damages as a consequence of the accident and it has had a serious impact on your life.

So, the first question people normally ask when they are thinking about making a personal injury claim is, what grounds are needed for a personal injury case? Well, it all comes down to your situation and what happened. The first ground you will need to have a personal injury case is that there was some kind of harm. What we mean by this is that you have suffered an injury or damage in some way as a result of an accident. For example, this may be a broken wrist or a smashed up car.

If the answer to this part is yes, then the next ground you must have is that someone owes a duty to you in this situation. This means that someone else should have been doing something or avoided being in the situation in the first place. A good example of this is your employer has a duty to ensure a safe working environment for you as an employee or another driver on the road has a duty to other vehicles to drive safely and they were driving recklessly. There has to be some kind of negligence involved that makes the accident not your fault.

However, it is important to remember that even if you did something wrong in an accident that has happened, you may still be entitled to compensation in the situation, so long as your fault is less than the other individuals. That is why it is always crucial to seek professional advice and guidance from a personal injury attorney when something has happened. The other person may still have been at fault overall.

In addition, a lot of people think they cannot claim if they have not seen a doctor straight away after the accident. This is not true and this should not put you off seeking a personal injury claim. After all, sometimes you do not realize the extent of your injuries until later on and pain can get worse over time. So, you can still make a personal injury claim; do not think you no longer have grounds for bringing one.

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault and you have suffered an injury or damages as a result, do not hesitate to seek professional advice. A personal injury attorney will have the qualifications and experience that you need to find out more about what compensation you are entitled to. They will be able to give you advice on your next steps, as well as figure out the value of your case. Importantly, a personal injury attorney will make sure you get the compensation that you deserve if you have been injured and it’s not your fault.