Most Common Family Law Matters

March 31, 2016  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Family law disputes can be emotionally draining for all parties involved. While there are numerous issues that fall under the family law umbrella, some are more common than others. Some of the most common issues include:


Divorce is what most people think of most often when they hear the term “family law.” Simply put, divorce is the dissolution of marriage, and the process terminates the legal status a couple had together while they were married.
In addition to losing the legal status of being married, couples will also go through the sometimes difficult tasks of dividing up their assets and debts, agreeing on child custody/support arrangements, and a host of other issues.

Child Support/Custody

Child support and custody issues are common during a divorce. Minnesota, like other states, has its own guidelines for determining how much child support a parent will need to pay, and these guidelines will vary by case.
Child custody can be agreed upon by the parents outside of the courts, or if both parents cannot come to an agreement, the matter will be settled in court by a judge. The court will base its decision on the best interests of the child, and in some cases, may take the child’s wishes into account when making a final decision.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is sometimes referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance, and refers to the payments made from one former spouse to the other.
In some cases, spousal support may be permanent, and in others, it may be temporary or rehabilitative to help the other spouse get back on his/her feet.
These are some of the most common family law matters, but this vast field of law also covers other areas, like paternity, adoption, appeals, and grandparents rights.  BGS has a family lawyer that can help you navigate this complex field of law.  Please contact or call us today to set up your initial consultation.