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What Drivers and Employers Need to Know About the New MN Hands Free Law

July 26, 2019  |  Scott M. Lepak

Before we get started, the employment law attorneys at BGS would like to thank our clients (old and new) for the massive response and positive feedback on the MN Wage Theft Law blog. We have not been able to verify rumors that the legislature decided that employers didn’t have enough to do going into the last legislative session and did their best to remedy that concern. Come to think of it, we would like to thank the legislature for making sure we never run short of business.The next big thing for drivers and Minnesota employers that came about in the last legislative session was the hands free law. The hands free law comes into effect next month (August 1) and will affect drivers and many employers across Minnesota. Fortunately, this law presents a more straightforward issue for employers than the often murky wage theft law requirements. The hands free laws (Minn. Stat. §§ 169.011, subd. 94 and 169.475) aim to ensure roads are safe from technologically distracted drivers. Starting August 1, 2019, law enforcement will be pulling folks over for speaking on the phone, listening to music, podcasts, or the most recent bestseller, as well as watching videos or looking at pictures, games or software applications if these drivers have their phones in…

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BGS Attorney Proud Volunteer at DSTA Food Drive Event

June 12, 2019  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Saturday June 8th was a sunny day in Duluth, perfect for day two of the Duluth Superior Transportation Association’s 6th annual event “Fill-a-Truck, Feed a Family Food & Fund Drive”.  BGS is a member of the DSTA, and BGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson volunteered at the event with Halvor Lines’ Chief Strategy Officer Carl Svendsen. Two hours of greeting shoppers at the Miller Hill Super One Foods went by pleasantly as Carole and Carl collected food and cash donations for the local food bank. Carole’s husband Steve took a turn as well, joining in the effort. Other teams of volunteers worked over the three day event at 7 locations in and around the Duluth area. Overall the event raised approximately $10,000 for the local food bank (which equates to over 28,000 meals!), and over 5500 pounds of food was loaded into Halvor Lines trailers for delivery to the food shelf. BGS is pleased to be a part of these and other efforts to improve Minnesota communities.

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BGS Transportation Client Celebrates 50th Anniversary

January 2, 2019  |  Carole Clark Isakson

We love to help celebrate our clients’ successes! BGS attorney Jim Wills has been counsel for the Halvor Lines group of companies in Superior Wisconsin for decades, and BGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson has had the pleasure of assisting with various matters. On December 21, 2018,  Halvor Lines celebrated its 50th anniversary with sincerity and style at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, Minnesota. What an amazing and well attended event! The speakers highlighted the core beliefs of the company – treating its drivers well and acknowledging the critical role they play, finding new and innovative ways to serve customers, and being a positive influence on all its employees lives. BGS is proud to be a partner with Halvor Lines and its growing group of companies, and to have been included in the festivities!     

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