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RFN's (Radio Frequency Neurotomies): What Are They and Can They Help Your Pain?

December 8, 2010  |  John T. Buchman

RFN’s are a way to treat certain sources of neck and back pain that have not responded to medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care or massage therapy. RFN’s have been used for over 30 years. They have been used more frequently in the last 10 years to treat neck and back pain arising from car crashes. There is a lot of medical literature discussing them and their effectiveness over time. Visit the Mayo Clinic website for more information about it. The RFN treats a damaged “facet” joint(s) in the spinal vertebral column. A damaged joint sends pain messages to the brain along a known nerve pathway. To determine if the facet joint is the cause of the patients pain, a pain killing agent is injected along the nerve with the aid of a fluoroscope on two different trials. If the pain is then relieved, the next step is to interrupt the nerve’s ability to transmit pain signals through the application of heat. This sounds worse than it actually is since I have undergone RFN’s several times myself. A successful RFN procedure will virtually eliminate the patient’s pain for 8-12 months. I have heard my clients explain how relieved they were to finally be without pain. However, the process has to be repeated since the…

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Small Town Friendly, Big City Experience and Expertise

November 23, 2010  |  Adriel B. Villarreal

When someone is injured, they can quickly find out that the insurance companies that could not be nicer to them when they paid their premiums, may not be fair in their assessment of an accident. For that reason, Personal Injury attorney John Buchman advises his clients “to not become a victim twice. The first time can’t be helped-something happened to you. Don’t assume that your insurance company will be fair. You can prevent being a victim a second time by hiring a good lawyer. Why wait and hope they might be fair?” Our Minnesota Personal Injury lawyers have experience in may different types of cases and they will work with you to learn everything about your injury. At BGS, you will work directly with an attorney working on your case. You will receive personal attention and be treated like your case is important. We think every case is important because it is important to you. Unlike some large personal injury-only law firms, we take a very personal approach to helping you. We can offer a local, small town friendly feel, but have the experience and expertise to support your case.

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Your Car is Sinking: Now What?

February 11, 2010  |  John T. Buchman

The tragedy of the 35W bridge and the floods in southeast Minnesota remind us all of unexpected dangers we face. Many of us have wondered, at one time or another, what would we do if our car ended up under water. While it is relatively rare, experts indicate that 300 people die each year in this country when their cars end up under water. I have checked a number of sources and, while experts differ, the most consistent advice was as follows: 1. Don’t panic. I know this is easy to say when someone is sitting behind a desk coming up with advice and much harder when you are the one in the car that is sinking. However, it is absolutely essential to have a plan in mind and keep your head clear. 2. Roll down your windows as soon as you can. While many people are afraid to allow more water in, and open window is the easiest way to get out of a car. Most power windows will work until the car has been in the water for several seconds. 3. Do not try to open the doors right away. The surrounding water pressure is greater than the pressure inside the vehicle and you will only waste energy and air and…

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