When Should I Review My Insurance Coverages?

October 30, 2018  |  John T. Buchman

  Winter is approaching and many people rake their leaves, get their cars ready for winter or do other projects to prepare for winter. It might also be a good time to look at your insurance coverages to see if they are outdated or inadequate. It’s better to do so before you run into a problem than to find out afterwards that you do not have enough coverage. [maxbutton id=”2″ ] More Protection Can Be Affordable Many of us bought car insurance when we were younger and times were tight financially, so we purchased the minimum amount of insurance necessary to protect us. However, there is the insurance adage that “the first dollar of coverage is the most expensive.” What that means is that you can significantly increase the protection for you and your family without a proportionate increase in your insurance premiums. Thus, you can double your automobile liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist limits from $50,000/$100,000 to $100,000/$300,000 without doubling your premium. The same is true if you elect to “stack” or increase your “no-fault” coverages that protect you and other family members that reside with you. Again, you can add significantly more protection in the event you or a loved one gets injured for a modest increase in your premium. Most people…

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BGS proudly celebrates Women Entrepreneurs

October 19, 2018  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

BGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson has been a volunteer attorney with Women Venture for almost a year now, and last week was wonderfully surprised to find that her first WV client, LaTonya Johnson (Minnesota Electrolysis LLC) won this year’s “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained Emerging Business Award”! Ms. Johnson’s award was presented on October 12, 2018 at the 23rd annual Women Mean Business luncheon and marketplace.  Carole spent several months working with Ms. Johnson (and Women Venture) negotiating the terms of the purchase of assets, setting up Minnesota Electrolysis LLC, drafting documents and handling employee and operational issues. It was a great experience for lawyer and client alike, and Ms. Johnson’s receipt of the well deserved reward was an additional confirmation that her business will continue to prosper. For Ms. Isakson’s part, she found great satisfaction in using her legal skills to assist a new business venture, and continues to work with Ms. Johnson and Women Venture. BGS encourages all of its attorneys to play positive roles in community organizations and to provide pro bono legal services. In fact, Carole has been named a North Star Lawyer five consecutive years by the MSBA as certified that she provided at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services annually. Women Venture has been around for…

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BGS Attorney Presents Electronic Data Security Seminar

October 12, 2018  |  Carole Clark Isakson

On October 11th BGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson presented a seminar on data privacy issues to a large audience of Anoka County Bar Association attorneys. The seminar, entitled “Basic Electronic Data Security Issues”, addressed the professional and ethical obligations of attorneys in dealing with client (and employee) data in addition to covering privacy laws and how to implement them at law firms and businesses in general. Associate Attorney Nicole Wiebold spoke on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which became effective in May of this year. [maxbutton id=”1″ ] Data breaches strike almost a third of US businesses each year, according to one source, and the costs of remediation (coupled with the loss of business and reputation) can result in the failing of many businesses. Protecting client and customer data requires focus on three areas, and Ms. Isakson discussed all three, taking questions from the audience throughout the presentation. Protecting data requires three things: 1. Technical controls (such as up to date computers and software); 2. Physical controls (like locked offices and elevators); and 3. Administrative controls (teaching all technology users to use cell phones and other devices in a safe way, and implementing firm wide data security assessments and policies). Ms. Isakson also offered practical advice on public wi-fi use (don’t!) and…

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