Preparing Students for Jobs

April 20, 2018  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

As she has for many years, BGS Attorney Carole Clark Isakson recently spent a morning at Osseo Senior High School conducting mock interviews with students. This year nearly FIVE HUNDRED students will participate  in mock interviews, which are well designed to give each student a taste of what a real job interview is like.  “It is an activity I really enjoy”, said Isakson, “and I know it has tremendous value for the students, many of whom have never interviewed for a job.”

Students are randomly assigned to one of the many interviewers, and are evaluated on everything from their responses to questions, to their posture.  The interviewers are provided a range of questions that employers may ask, including those general “tell me about yourself” and “what has been your biggest challenge” questions that can temporarily stump even the most practiced adult.  Working with students on how to answer those questions in a way that tells a potential employer something good about the student is one of the jobs of the interviewer, but not the only job!  Resumes are reviewed and edited, and  questions are answered. And while an interviewer works on content, he or she also works with the students on appearance and posture.  Most students are aware that eye contact is important, but many do not realize that posture is equally important.  A firm handshake is key!
Carole will be back at OSH next year, pen in hand, ready to coach the next generation of eager workers as they seek their first jobs.