Employee Spotlight: Jackie Campbell, Legal Administrative Assistant

October 11, 2017  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Jackie Campbell became a member of Barna Guzy & Steffen  in 2016 when two  attorneys  for whom she had worked for more than twenty-five years joined the firm.
Over many years of working with transportation lawyers, including Jim Wills, Jackie became essential to the team and gained a base of impressive knowledge about the unique industry.
Knowing the law isn’t as critical as knowing the way the system works and the intent of the regulations; Jackie would tell you it also has a lot to do with knowing who to call (and call.. and call!). In July of 2017, Jackie’s expertise was put to the test when she was called on to help an important Minnesota trucking client regain its illustrative safety rating. The company was given a “Conditional” rating by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2014.  This was a blow to the company due to the influence a negative rating can have on maintaining relationships with vendors, customers (shippers) and employees.  In fact, many shippers will cancel contracts or simply refuse to deal with a carrier that does not have a “Satisfactory” rating.
Not only are motor carriers subject to inspection of  vehicles and log books while on the road, each company is also subject to periodic audits by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Based on the information from those audits and the number of violations found, a carrier can be given a “Satisfactory” (which is the best), a “Conditional” (not so good – you can still operate but you may lose business), or an “Unsatisfactory” (you are out of business) rating. For this reason, the ratings received are critical to business operations.
In this case, the company had hired a third party consultant to respond to the FMCSA in appealing the rating, and LOST. The company then turned to the experienced team of transportation lawyers and staff at BGS. Through persistence and diligent work, Jackie was able to accomplish what the third party consultant could not — demonstrate to the FMCSA, using the carrier’s own data, that the conditional rating should be changed to “Satisfactory.”

BGS Transportation Team: Jim Wills, Nicole Wiebold, Carole Clark Isakson, Jackie Campbell

Congratulations Jackie, for another very pleased trucking company client!