Lunch and Learning: Carole Clark Isakson Presents ACBA CLE Seminar

September 27, 2017  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

On Wednesday September 20, 2017, BGS shareholder Carole Clark Isakson presented an informative and enjoyable lunch seminar to attending members of the Anoka Country Bar Association.

Carole has decades of experience handling business transactions, including those relating to intellectual property rights. She put her experience to use in crafting the seminar, entitled ‘7 Things Every Business Attorney Should Know about IP (But Probably Doesn’t)’. Her solid advice to business attorneys highlighted the actions that can and should be taken early on in the formation of a business to avoid issues in the future.
For example, when an entity is created it is important to make sure that the entity owns (or licenses) all of the software needed to run the company. Social media accounts should be owned by the company. The use of outside programmers should be the subject of a strong written agreement to ensure that the company owns the work – and the same is true when hiring web site designers or advertising professionals.
Attendees of the luncheon learned about this type of intellectual property and important concepts that sometimes don’t come to the forefront during the creation and day to day running of a business. If you have questions about how intellectual property, particularly in the areas of software development, can affect your business, please call Carole to learn more on this topic.
Carole Clark Isakson is a Shareholder at Barna, Guzy and Steffen practicing in the areas of Computer and Software law, Business law, Transportation Law and Creditor Rights and Remedies. She is a frequent contributor to the firm’s blog and social media and enjoys giving seminars on these topics to her peers and clients.