Transportation Lawyers on the Move at MTA Convention

August 4, 2017  |  Carole Clark Isakson

The BGS Transportation Law Team  – Jim Wills, Carole Clark Isakson, Nicole Wiebold and Jackie Campbell – again attended the annual Minnesota Trucking Association convention in northern Minnesota.


The event featured golf and educational seminars, and the always enjoyable connections with clients and potential clients.  Having been active in transportation law for more than 4 decades, Jim Wills is a great presence at the event and the subject of much attention! This year  he was even more notable as a member of the Long Haul golf team. That team won 1st place in the Scramble Tournament with a 17 under par and also won the Yellow Ball contest.

BGS Transportation attorney Jim Wills was an energetic presence at the MTA Convention!

Todd Volkers of the Long Haul team also won longest drive and closest to the pin.
This year’s event featured a fascinating keynote speech by American Trucking Association President and CEO Chris Spear. Did you know:

  • 70{a0c01d20c42349884e67ff80c137866b0a9fe47aaae8f8a86a605a369ae487c3} of the gross tonnage of freight in the US is moved by truck
  • This tonnage represents 56{a0c01d20c42349884e67ff80c137866b0a9fe47aaae8f8a86a605a369ae487c3} of all goods
  • There are more than 7.3 million people working in the trucking industry
  • HALF of the money paid in to the Highway Trust Fund is paid by trucking companies
  • 82{a0c01d20c42349884e67ff80c137866b0a9fe47aaae8f8a86a605a369ae487c3} of the cross border trade with Mexico is by truck
  • 71{a0c01d20c42349884e67ff80c137866b0a9fe47aaae8f8a86a605a369ae487c3} of the cross border trade with Canada is by truck

BGS is privileged to have so many trucking company clients, and to contribute to the industry here in MN and beyond. Our team is ready to assist with business matters particular to the trucking industry, including:

  • Regulatory Concerns
  • Acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Independent contractor/employee driver issues
  • Contractual issues/day to day business operations
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPS)/business transition plans

Technology and regulations are constantly changing and working with an experienced transportation lawyer is critical.  The team at BGS can help!