Seminar by BGS Attorney Carole Clark Isakson Successful

October 18, 2016  |  Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd.

Isakson photoBGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson continues her long tradition of partnering with Forius NACM North Central to educate trade creditors in the bankruptcy area. Forius NACM North Central, a proud affiliate of the National Association of Credit Management, is dedicated to serving the needs of commercial credit professionals. Why Does Forius work with Carole? Forius President and COO Toni Nuernberg said , “Carole always brings a wealth of information to our members. After her most recent presentation, I asked members for feedback. They said Carole provide relevant information that is easy to understand and somehow manages to make what could be a “boring topic” come to life. Our members love her!” Forius members attended Carole’s seminar on October 11, 2016 at the Forius office in Minneapolis. Topics included:
1. Filing a proof of claim (when, and WHY!).
2. 503(b)(9) claims – the all too frequently missed opportunity to get your claim paid FIRST (which is often the difference between payment and no payment)
3. 546 reclamation rights – getting your widgets back, or at least obtaining an enhanced claim (again, it’s all about getting paid)
4. Critical vendor status – when you can rely on the “don’t worry you’ll be paid we need you” statement from the account manager… and when you CAN’T (mostly, you can’t, check the pleadings and the court order…)
5. Set off – it does exist in bankruptcy. When might it apply to you?
6. Liens – what lien rights might you have, and how do you enforce them? What about sales of the debtor’s assets? What about the bank’s lien?
7. Preferences – defenses and strategies
These topics are important for credit managers and collection professionals, and understanding the bankruptcy process itself can impact the way collection and contracting are done.
If you are interested in a seminar and/or educational session from Carole or one of our other attorneys, please contact BGS today!
Carole Clark Isakson BGS Attorney