Should You Take Notes at the Scene of an Accident? You Bet!

August 6, 2014  |  Adriel B. Villarreal

Getting into a vehicular accident is overwhelming and stressful for everyone involved, but it can be even more stressful dealing with insurance companies. Taking steps to be prepared when it’s time to give your version of the events can help make the process easier, quicker and more accurate, which will assist in all aspects of your legal defense.

What to do After an Automobile Accident in Minnesota

First, you should always make sure that everyone who was involved in the accident is safe and receiving any necessary medical attention!

Next, move obstructing vehicles out of the way of traffic, if at all possible, to ensure there are no further injuries.
After everyone is safe and seems to be free from major injury, you should get out your notepad.
You may be dealing with insurance companies for several months, and after that amount of time facts may become unclear, so having a record of the events while they are fresh can only help your case. Call the personal injury attorneys of Barna, Guzy & Steffen today at (763) 780-8500 if you have any questions about your accident

What to Write Down at the Scene of an Accident

Some of the most important items to record at the accident scene are:

  • car accidents taking notesWhat happened prior to the accident – This should include what you were doing, what direction you were going, what direction the other vehicle came from, and any factors that could have caused the accident such as weather, roadwork, pedestrians, distractions, and faulty stoplights.
  • Damage done to both vehicles – You should record in as much detail as possible the damage that was done to not just your vehicle but the other driver’s car as well. Be sure to include where on the vehicle damage occurred, what it looks like, anything that was broken, cracks, or fell off.  If you have a camera, get as many pictures as you can of everything at the scene.
  • Injuries – You should write down how you are feeling, what injuries you feel like you have that don’t need medical attention and ones that do, and if the other person is willing to give that information, ask them how they are feeling, if they are going to seek medical attention, and what for.
  • Witness accounts – If there are witnesses, be sure to ask for and record what they saw leading up to and after the accident. You should also get their information just in case insurance companies or police officers want to contact them later. If the police were called, write down what questions they asked and be sure to ask for a copy of the police reports.

Taking notes after an accident can help save you time and anxiety later on. If you need more information about what to do after an accident, please contact Barna Guzy & Steffen today!