Anoka County Holds Community Forums on Dangers of Heroin

January 28, 2014  |  Jon P. Erickson

As a criminal lawyer, I have seen first hand the use of drugs and the affects on people’s lives.  In the last year, our team of lawyers has noticed an increase in incidents related to the use of drugs.
I read with interest a recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune entitled; “Twin Cities heroin, painkiller deaths surged in the first half of 2013.” The article states that the pace of fatal prescription painkiller overdoses has increased as well as an uptick in LSD and meth use.
The Criminal Defense Lawyers at BGS have seen a rise in heroin and prescription drug cases that we are hired to defend. Over the years we have seen the rise and fall of the use of certain drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines. Heroin use is now the big problem. There is street heroin, and then the sale and use of prescribed synthetic heroin.

Getting Help

I believe there is more that family members can do to slow down the use of synthetic/prescribed medications, and the illegal sale of such. The best way is simply to know what medications you have in your cabinet, and to keep a close eye on them. If you are done using them, we recommend that you discard them appropriately (check with your pharmacy or the Sheriff’s office has a drop off program). If you have a family member who is having chemical dependency problems, you should pay special attention to the medications in your home.
Anoka County has recently released a video addressing this issue in our local community; it is worth taking a watch and also discusses upcoming local forums open to the public on heroin use. Click here for video.
There is also an article in the January 24th issue of the Coon Rapids Herald informing our community about the upcoming community forums on dangers of heroin. For more information and to learn about those forums please visit Community Plans Forums on Dangers of Heroin.

Contact Us

Consider attending one of these important forums, and please, call us here at BGS if you have any questions about drug related crimes, including prescription narcotics, heroin and the like.