Is Divorce Mediation in Minnesota Right for Me?

June 3, 2013  |  Elizabeth A. Schading

Divorce mediation in Minnesota is an extremely effective way to resolve the issues of a dissolving marriage. However, it’s true that mediation is also not the right choice for everyone.
Mediation Is Right for You If…
Mediation is right for you if you and your spouse are both willing to compromise and listen to one another.
Don’t immediately write this off. While you and your spouse may not be able to get through a 5 minute conversation, communication is often much, much easier when there’s a neutral third party involved.
Mediation can even work if you and your spouse both feel angry, hurt, and betrayed. These feelings are very normal. Mediators will help you turn the focus to your future, and the future of your children.
Mediation is Not Right for You If…
If there is a history of domestic abuse between you and your spouse, then mediation may not be appropriate. Note that this covers all forms of abuse: physical, verbal, and sexual. It also covers any abuse towards the children. In certain situations, mediation can still be successful by keeping the parties separated in their own rooms, with the mediator visiting each room in turn. If there is a court order prohibiting contact, the order may be amended to allow mediation.
Mediation is a Confidential Process
What is said and offered in mediation remains confidential unless the parties reach agreement and a signed agreement results. The court will be told that mediation was conducted, but unless agreement was reached, all discussions, offers and negotiations remain confidential and inadmissible in court.
Mediation is also less much less expensive than a fully-litigated divorce, and it takes far less time. If you are ready to give mediation a try then call Barna, Guzy, and Steffen, LTD. Call us today!