Why I Do What I Do

October 1, 2012  |  Jon P. Erickson

Jon P. Erickson, Minnesota Criminal AttorneyPeriodically I receive a call or a letter from a client I represented that reminds me of the importance of legal defense and how what we do can have such an impact on a client’s life. I recently received just such a letter from a mother whose son I represented on a Criminal Sexual Conduct charge of an incident involving an under aged female. He was an 18-yr-old senior in high school at the time, and she a 15-yr old-freshman.
We were unable to negotiate a plea agreement, so we chose to have a jury trial. He was found not guilty.
The following letter (names changed for privacy) told me of how he is now doing some two years after his acquittal. If he had been found guilty he likely would not have gone to college to follow his dream because of the collateral consequences of a criminal sexual conduct conviction.
Dear Jon,
You may not remember Mike, but a couple of years ago you represented him in a Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct case. You were able to prove him innocent, and clear his name. I was thinking about you the other day, as I was sitting in the stands watching Mike play football in his second year at University.
It was such a traumatic time in our family’s life that I don’t remember if I ever thanked you properly. I have no words for how grateful we are for the work you did in his case and the success you had in saving him from a future that comes with having a felony charge on your record and having to be registered, etc…I have praised God for you many times in the last couple of years.
I just wanted to let you know that he has a wonderful, bright future ahead of him. He has been on the Dean’s list since he started at University and he was able to make the team and play football like he always wanted. You helped him be able to do this with your work.
From a mother with all her heart: Thank you,
Mike’s Mom