City Employees and Off-Duty Conduct Webinar

September 11, 2012  |  Scott M. Lepak

Our attorney, Scott Lepak, presented a free webinar hosted by the League of Minnesota Cities. This webinar titled, “City Employees and Off-Duty Conduct,” took place on Thursday, July 12th.
You can view the full webinar here:

Click here to download the full transcript (PDF)
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Scott Lepak is a frequent lecturer on labor and employment law topics in Minnesota and in this webinar he provides some guidance when off-duty conduct is illegal, unethical, or harms the reputation of the city. It’s often hard to know whether or not the city can discipline for that behavior.
Off-duty conduct is a tricky and every-changing area of employment law. There are issues associated with freedom of speech and expectations of privacy that must be waived against the legitimate interest of the city.
In this webinar Scott discusses…

  • What is off-duty misconduct?
  • What governs off-duty conduct?
  • Are there limitations on conduct that may be regulated?
  • The National Academy of Arbitrator’s four prong test
  • An alternate four prong test
  • Limitations on regulating off-duty conduct
  • Arbitration Rulings

We want to thank the League of Minnesota Cities for granting us permission to publish the webinar here and on our YouTube channel.