Buckle Up – It Saves Lives

February 8, 2012  |  Jon P. Erickson

I again read an article this past week on motor vehicle accidents (MVA) where seat belts were not worn. It was entitled “Deaths of Non-belted Motorists Spike in Minnesota.” The article leads off by stating that “an overwhelming majority of traffic deaths on Minnesota roads in the past six weeks have involved vehicle occupants who were not wearing their seat belts.”
The information from the State Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety reported that in December of 2011, there were 23 vehicle occupants killed in MVA’s and only five were known to be buckled up. In the first three weeks of 2012 eight of Minnesota’s first 10 traffic fatalities were not buckled up. These facts are staggering. It tells me that a significant number of those 33 deaths could have been avoided if the occupants had buckled up!
These facts again cry out for a more energized public safety campaign to get all motor vehicle occupants to be properly buckled up. I am committed to spreading the word. This blog is but a small attempt to do just that.
~ Jon P. Erickson
Attorney at Law