Computer and Software Law

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Our business processes have radically changed in the last decades, including the extensive use of the internet and software.  The licensing aspects of this use are critical to both the software creator and the end user.  For companies in the computer and software industry, legal assistance is essential to manage, license and enforce their intellectual property rights. Business owners requiring the services of software programmers or use of software also benefit greatly from knowledgeable legal counsel in this area.  We can provide legal services to software creators, end users, resellers and others involved in this ever expanding and changing area of law.

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BGS Computer and Software attorney Carole Clark Isakson has years of experience representing major software companies as clients and is well respected in the industry. She has also assisted business clients in acquiring rights to use software.
BGS’ Computer and Software Attorneys


*Isakson, Carole Clark
*Wiebold, Nicole R.