What Are The Most Common Types of Family Law Cases?

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Family is the most important thing in the world and this means that any problems that arise are particularly troubling for everyone involved. This is where family law steps in and tries to solve any breakdowns as amicably as possible.

Family law disputes are dealt with in the civil court system, which allows two people to settle their differences in front of a judge. Family law cases will deal with domestic matters and are usually between spouses and parents, whether this is solving problems between them or concerning issues with their children. Read on to find out more about the common issues that can arise in family law cases and how they are dealt with in court.


When a husband or wife wants to end their marriage, sometimes it is not a straightforward and easy situation to deal with. Common problems include resentment and arguments over what happens to property and belongings that are shared after the separation, as well as any alimony or spousal support that is due. In court, a judge will be able to consider all of the evidence and decide what each person should receive and the fair division of martial assets, as well as granting a divorce or annulment. 

Child Support

Cases concerning child support are taken to court if there are disagreements over the amount a parent should contribute or if they have failed to keep up with payments. Child support is required if a child is under 18 or up to age 20 if not graduated from high school, which means they are dependent on their parents. Payments include support for a child’s food, clothing, medical care or education. A family law court is able to issue an order setting out child support requirements to solve the disagreements.

Child Custody

After parents have separated or have divorced, it is common for issues to arise concerning the welfare of any children and who they should live with on a permanent basis. These cases can be highly emotional and sensitive for everyone. A family law court can solve child custody cases by considering what is best for the child and how they are best cared for in the situation. A judge can make an order concerning access and how much time each parent is entitled to spend with their child on a weekly basis. They can also settle disputes with grandparents, who in some cases have rights to spend time with their grandchildren.

Family Law Coon Rapids

The outcome of every case will depend on the individual facts that are relevant to the situation. Having an experienced and skilled family law attorney will mean you can deal with any of these common family law issues when they happen.

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