Our Spring Lake Park Family & Divorce Lawyers

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BGS has been serving Spring Lake Park, MN in matters of family law for decades. We can help you mediate your case if appropriate or take it to trial if necessary. We can also help you reach a settlement if such an action is the best course of action for you and your family. Here are some of the issues we handle every day:

  • All matters pertaining to divorce.
  • Family law mediation.
  • Protection of parental rights.
  • Family law appeals.
  • Protection of grandparent’s rights.

Our Family & Divorce Attorneys Serving Spring Lake Park, MN

Beverly Dodge Family Lawyer   Douglas Sauter Family Attorney   Elizabeth Schading Family Lawyer
Dodge, Beverly K. Sauter, Douglas G.   Schading, Elizabeth A.  

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Often family law issues are fraught with strong emotions on both sides of the issue. There’s a lot at stake, from your ability to maintain a relationship with family members, to your freedom to move out of the state, to your financial future. It’s important to get expert help that will help you navigate your way to the best possible solution. Family law should not be left up to chance.

Attorneys are not the only source of family support. Spring Lake Park works hard to provide families with resources to navigate a wide variety of issues and challenges which may threaten family health and happiness. We’ve taken the time to provide a number of those resources here.

Marriage Resources

Children’s Resources

Adoption Resources

Elder Care

In addition to these resources, we do offer a great deal of free information about family law issues on our blog. We want to help you understand the Minnesota legal process as it may affect your case. We do not recommend that you treat these resources as any kind of a substitute for real legal help since every case is different, and the nuances of your particular case can trip you up if you don’t have an expert at your side.

Though these resources are important it is equally important to know when it’s time to call a lawyer or a mediator. If you need personalized, individual advice for your family law situation then take a look at our legal staff.

If you have additional questions about the process of working with a BGS family attorney, call us. Often, it is best to tackle family law issues early, before they erupt into big, expensive problems. If you’re ready to protect your interests call us today at (763) 780-8500.