Buckle Up – It Can Save Lives.

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Once again I am compelled to blog about the importance of fastening our seat belts. Again today in the StarTribune there was a report on a car accident up north. This was a single car accident, and both of the occupants, a husband and wife, were killed. Click on the link to see the article:

Itasca County Rollover Accident

Neither the husband and nor the wife were wearing seat belts. It is described as an airborne rollover accident. A few years ago I witnessed just such an accident on Highway 35 coming into the metro area up near Forest Lake. The car in front of me over corrected on a snowy evening and hit the ditch causing it to go airborne. I immediately stopped, and ran to the upside down car while dialing 911. When I got to the car, I saw the driver hanging upside down with her seat belt on, holding her in place. I saw no blood, and asked her if she was all right. She said “I think so”; and once the first responders arrived it was determined she had no injuries. What would have happened to her if she did not have her seat belt on?


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