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Have you suffered a personal injury in Moundsview, MN and believe you have a case? Call the law offices of Barna, Guzy & Steffen for a FREE consultation today. Our law firm has been helping people with their legal cases since 1938. Some of our personal injury cases have involved:

– Brain and Other Catastrophic Injuries – Building Security Negligence
– Car Accidents and Collisions – Utility and Gas Explosions
– Animal Attacks – Construction Accidents
– Slips/Falls – Wrongful Death Cases
– Injuries from Product Malfunctions  

Our experienced personal injury attorneys will pursue your claim to the fullest until a resolution is achieved.

We work on a contingency basis so no fees will be due until your case is successfully completed.

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We always start by listening. We will ask a lot of questions about injuries and what happened. In each case we work closely with the injured person and their families to make sure they understand every aspect of their case and how the justice system works. Please call us today for a FREE personal injury consultation.

Our Experienced Moundsview Personal Injury Lawyers
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Buchman, John T.   Crowder, Russell H.   Villarreal, Adriel B.

Were You In a Bicycle Accident? What You Need to do to Help Your Personal Injury Case

Were you or someone you love hurt in a bicycle accident in Moundsview, Minnesota? Then you need to know what the steps you need to take to solidify your personal injury case.

Bicycle accidents are similar to car accidents, so here is a list of steps you need to know before you file your personal injury claim.

Get Medical Attention

Since you were in a bicycle accident, you need to go and seek emergency medical attention to take care of your injuries. You still need to see a medical practitioner even if you do not see any injuries, since you will probably feel them a day after the accident. You need to receive medical treatment for your injuries to solidify your personal injury case.

Write Down Information

Immediately after the accident, you need to obtain the driver’s personal and insurance information, as well as any witness statements who viewed the accident. Also, you need to take pictures and write down how the accident happened, as it is still fresh in your mind. Taking pictures of any damages done to you or your property will help your personal injury case.

Let Your Attorney Talk for You

Whatever you do, do not talk to the insurance company without going through a personal injury attorney first. They do not want to pay you for your injuries and damages, and talking to them can hurt your personal injury case when you go to court. By hiring one of our experienced personal injury attorneys, you will not have to worry about dealing with the insurance company, since they go through us first.

Now you are aware of some of the steps you need to take if you were in a bicycle accident in Moundsview, Minnesota. You can contact our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys to represent you in your bicycle accident case.

This article is intended to provide general information only and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel or advice. Please contact the attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. to inquire about any information herein.

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