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If you face criminal charges, having confidence in your attorney is crucial. The criminal attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen have a wealth of experience to help you with your case with public defender backgrounds and private criminal defense experience. They handle all types of criminal cases including:

– DUI/DWI (and all other traffic related offenses) – Drug Crime Charges
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3 Common DWI Myths That You Should Know About

Were you arrested for a DWI in Moundsview, Minnesota? Then you need to read 3 common DWI myths that you should know about.

To be convicted of a DWI, I need to be the driver.

You do not have to be the driver to be found guilty of DWI. The DWI law states that if you aren’t in “physical control”, you can be arrested for a DWI. Physical control can mean controlling or operating a vehicle, or even having the ability to drive the vehicle.

People who think they can sleep it off in their car before driving won’t get arrested for a DWI, but they are sadly mistaken. If you plan on sleeping in your car, make sure it is in the back seat or on the passenger side without the key in the ignition.

I have the right to consult with my attorney to determine if I should take a test or answer the officer’s questions.

Again, this is not true. You do have the right to speak with your attorney as soon as possible, but that is only after you are arrested for a DWI. When the officer asks you questions other than your personal information, tell them you need to talk to your attorney. Otherwise, you could hurt the chances of the charges getting lowered or dismissed.

I need to be under the influence or intoxicated for the officer to convict me of a DWI.

An officer can arrest you for a DWI if you show an inability to operate your vehicle safely, or have poor driving habits, even if you are not intoxicated. However, most of the DWI cases are as a result of the person being intoxicated, but there are the few instances where they do not need to be.

Now you know 3 myths that relate to DWI arrests in Moundsview, Minnesota. Contact our law office today to talk to one of our DWI attorneys.

This article is intended to provide general information only and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel or advice. Please contact the attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. to inquire about any information herein.

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