Our Family & Divorce Lawyers in Blaine, MN

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Are you looking for a family or divorce attorney in Blaine, MN? With over 100 years of legal service, Barna, Guzy & Steffen has the experience, sensitivity, and knowledge you need to solve your most pressing family law problems. We can help you with any of the following issues:

  • Obtaining divorce mediation services.
  • The division of marital and non-marital property.
  • Child support issues.
  • Parenting time issues.
  • Obtaining or avoiding spousal maintenance payments.
  • Navigating the family law appeals process.


Our Experienced Family & Divorce Lawyers Serving Blaine, MN

Beverly Dodge Family Lawyer Elizabeth Schading Family Lawyer
Dodge, Beverly K. Schading, Elizabeth A.

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Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state with many clear guidelines that impact the ways that judges will approach many of these issues. Nevertheless, every case is different. It’s important for you to avoid assuming that you know how a case will go—the nuances and details of your case may create unpleasant surprises if you do, especially if you opt to “go it alone” rather than seeking qualified help.

In addition, family law is not just for divorcing couples. It’s also for grandparents who are denied the chance to see grandchildren after a divorce, for adult children looking to navigate the thorny issues of elder care, and for families who are grappling with adoption issues.

Here in Blaine there are many resources which can help families navigate some of these issues, either prior to seeking the aid of an attorney or while one is actively pursuing a case.

Marriage Resources

Children’s Resources

Adoption Resources

Elder Care

In addition to all of these resources we maintain an extensive list of family law blog posts to help you get some of your most pressing general family law questions answered. The blog is not intended to serve as a substitute for real legal representation. It’s merely intended to help you become more informed about the Minnesota family law process so as to reduce any anxieties that you may be having.

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