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If you’re looking for a family lawyer in Andover, MN then you’ve come to the right place. BGS family attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience tackling every kind of family issue that the courts handle. Whether you’re pursuing a divorce, defending your parental rights or are attempting to mediate disputes over elder care, BGS can help. Here are some of the issues we tackle on a daily basis:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Pre-marital Agreements
  • Paternity
  • Division of property including business interests.

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Our Team of Family & Divorce Lawyers Serving Andover, MN

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Dodge, Beverly K. Schading, Elizabeth A.

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Often, a divorce isn’t over after the initial case. Sometimes circumstances change, making it necessary to modify divorce order provisions, particularly when it comes to parenting time, changes of residence, and child support payments. That’s why it’s important to choose a family law advocate who will look out for your best interests in the long run.

A good family law attorney gets to know you, your family, and your situation so that they can be there for you now and in the future. That’s why we at BGS seek to build a relationship with you while attempting to provide you with any and all resources we can find for you in order to support your family’s needs.

Andover is similarly committed to family issues and, together with Anoka County and the State of Minnesota, offers a number of different resources to support children, couples, and families. We’ve compiled some of those resources below.

Building Stronger Marriages

Caring for Children

Establishing Paternity

Caring for Elderly Adults

In addition to city, county, and state resources, BGS offers a wealth of free information on a variety of family law issues on our blog. This information is not intended as a substitute for one-on-one legal counsel. However, it can arm you with information that you need to make informed decisions as you work with a lawyer, and it can reduce anxieties by giving you some idea of what to expect as you tackle your family problems.

We encourage you to read about each of our family lawyers so that you can get an idea of who you might be working with should you contact us. If you need more specific help, please call us at (763) 780-8500.