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Corporate & Business law Archives - BGS BARNA, GUZY & STEFFEN, LTD.

Corporate & Business law


We see them every day, that notice at the bottom of an email stating something to the effect that the contents of the email are confidential and that if you have received it in error you should alert the sender immediately and not use the information you have received. The use of confidentiality/disclaimer footers is so common that most of us do not even notice them anymore. They appear below the sender’s signature block and may be emphasized by colored text or capital letters. But regardless of appearance I think we can all agree that few of us actually read them. And even when we do? From a practical standpoint we already read the contents of the email before we get to the disclaimer. One..

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BGS Joins the Duluth Superior Transportation Association

The Transportation Department at BGS is involved with many transportation related organizations, and recently joined the Duluth Superior Transportation Association (DSTA).  The DSTA has more than 100 active members in a variety of transportation industries, including aerospace, rail, trucking, logistics, and maritime. Within those industries DSTA members include transportation companies, manufacturers, commercial shippers, supply chain managers, and government agencies.  In addition to regular meetings that focus on transportation-related topics, the DSTA also sponsors tours of facilities that are of interest to members  and group activities.  In keeping with its mission to enhance the community, it also offers scholarships and sponsors community events. Carole Clark Isakson and Jackie Campbell of BGS recently enjoyed attending the DSTA holiday dinner and auction at the Black Bear Casino..

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Attorney Carole Clark Isakson Speaks at Women Venture Event

On Tuesday January 9, 2018, BGS attorney Carole Clark Isakson had the pleasure of teaching a group of motivated women entrepreneurs about intellectual property issues in small businesses. Topics included trademark registration and use, software licenses, who owns the IP when you use a third party, and other topics relevant to small businesses in general. The seminar was arranged by Women Venture, a non-profit organization that serves women entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities area. It offers training, advice, loans and related services to women who complete various training and have a solid business proposal. To date Women Venture has served more than 1000 clients! Carole recently became a volunteer with Women Venture, and is excited to be part of such a great endeavor. Women..

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HELP!!! Someone trademarked my company name!!

Yep. Before explaining how this happens, a little background information is needed. Every state has an office charged with registering businesses that wish to do business in the state. In Minnesota, that office is called the Secretary of State’s office (hereafter SOS) and registering businesses is one of many tasks it undertakes.  The SOS will not permit a company to be formed that has the exact same name as an already registered company, and other rules apply in choosing a name. Once the name is registered, it is yours to use – doing business in Minnesota. It is not reserved for your use beyond the borders of the state. There is a common misconception that forming an entity at the state level somehow reserves..

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Limited Liability Companies and a New Minnesota Statute

The Minnesota legislature has adopted a new statute governing limited liability companies, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 322C.  On January 1, 2018, all 322B LLC’s will be automatically converted to 322C LLC’s.  This conversion could result in significant inconsistencies in the LLC governing documents which could cause problems in the future.  Therefore, we are advising all 322B LLC’s to amend their Articles of Organization and adopt Operating Agreements which would avoid any inconsistencies.   If you would like more information, call Dan Ganter at 763-783-5127.

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