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Barna, Guzy & Steffen and their criminal lawyers have provided legal services to residents of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota for over 70 years!

If you or someone you love finds themselves facing criminal charges in Brooklyn Park, MN, working with an attorney you can trust is crucial. With their backgrounds in prosecution and public defense, as well as experience in private criminal defense, the lawyers of Barna, Guzy & Steffen have a wealth of experience to call upon when representing you. We handle all types of criminal cases including:

– DUI/DWI (and all other traffic related offenses) – Drug Crime Charges
– Misdemeanor – Sex Crime Charges
– Gross Misdemeanor – Homicide
– Felonies – Theft and Property Crimes
– Assaults – Expungement
– Domestic Crime Charges

Your defense team will research and manage all available facts and related information about your case. We will pursue your defenses as aggressively as possible!

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Our Team of Experienced Brooklyn Park Criminal Lawyers
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8 Common Police Mistakes That Will Help You Dismiss or Reduce the Charges of Your DWI Case in Brooklyn Park, MN

Were you convicted of a DWI in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota? If so, then you need to know 8 common police mistakes that will help you get your DWI charges reduced or dismissed.


  • Police officers must have a good reason, or probable cause to pull you over for a traffic infraction or DWI. Did the officer have a hunch you were driving under the influence, or did you violate one of the traffic laws?



  • When the police officer pulled you over for suspicion of a DWI, did he or she assume your odor was caused by an alcoholic beverage? While it is not illegal to drink and drive, it is illegal if you are impaired by alcohol. The smell of alcohol does not always mean you were intoxicated while driving.



  • Did the police officer ask if you had any medical issues? Some medical problems can make it look as though you are driving under the influence of alcohol.



  • If you were physically unable to go through the field of sobriety tests, did the officer disqualify you? Many people who have physical limitations will not pass the tests even when they are completely sober.



  • Were you given adequate instructions before starting the tests? If the officer changes any of the rules, the validity of the DWI charge is compromised.



  • Were you read the implied consent advisory form before offering you to take the test?



  • Did the law enforcement officer give you enough time to call one of our experienced DWI attorneys before submitting yourself to a blood alcohol test?



  • Did the officer give you time to schedule your own blood alcohol test at your expense if you asked for it?


If you were arrested for a DWI in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, one of our experienced criminal lawyers can help answer any questions. Call us for a consultation today.

This article is intended to provide general information only and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel or advice. Please contact the attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. to inquire about any information herein.

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