Looking for a Blaine Criminal Lawyer in MN?

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The attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen have provided criminal lawyer services to residents of Blaine, Minnesota for over 70 years!

If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Blaine, MN, confidence in your lawyer is critical. The criminal attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen have prosecution and public defender backgrounds as well as private criminal defense experience – which translates into a wealth of experience to call upon when representing you. We handle all types of criminal cases including:

– DUI/DWI (and all other traffic related offenses) – Drug Crime Charges
– Misdemeanor – Sex Crime Charges
– Gross Misdemeanor – Homicide
– Felonies – Theft and Property Crimes
– Assaults – Expungement
– Domestic Crime Charges

Your defense team will research and manage all available facts and related information about your case. We will pursue your defenses as aggressively as possible!

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Our Team of Experienced Blaine Criminal Lawyers
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3 Tips You Should Know When Hiring a DWI Attorney in Blaine, MN

Have you been convicted of a DWI in Blaine, Minnesota? If so, you need to read the 3 tips you should know when hiring a DWI attorney to represent you in court.

Research Attorneys that Specialize in DWI Cases

If you recently moved to Blaine, Minnesota, you are probably unfamiliar with the lay of the land, not to mention where a good Minnesota law firm is located. Hiring a DWI attorney is similar to finding a good doctor or specialist to treat an illness or disease. You should know that the largest advertisements in the phone book do not equal superior legal representation for a DWI case. Our law firm specializes in DWI cases in Blaine, Minnesota, and we’ll help you get the best plea offer under the difficult and life-changing circumstances you are in.

Ask For Recommendations

If you need legal representation for your DWI case, you should ask for recommendations from people who work at the courthouse: bailiffs, reporters, and courtroom clerks. These people know who the best DWI attorneys are, and who are not. Many times, clerks will not divulge any recommendations, so you need to be persistent, and try to befriend them. Our attorneys have many years of experience in handling DWI cases, and they offer free initial consultations to discuss your case.

Don’t Choose a General Practicing Attorney, Choose an Expert in DWI Cases

Since your case is in the hands of your attorney and the court, you need to stay away from hiring a general practicing attorney. This type of attorney is good for drafting contracts and small civil cases, not your DWI case. You need an attorney that specializes in DWI law, which will help you get the best offer possible when your future is at stake.

If you were convicted of a DWI, hopefully you’ll take advantage of these three tips on what you should know when hiring an attorney. You can discuss your DWI case with one of our experienced attorneys in Blaine, Minnesota during your initial consultation.

This article is intended to provide general information only and should not be used as a substitute for legal counsel or advice. Please contact the attorneys at Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. to inquire about any information herein.

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