Multiple Car Accidents

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Multiple car accidents are very difficult to unravel when trying to prove fault. When your vehicle is in the middle of several other vehicles and an accident occurs, who is at fault?

Sometimes, the blame will be put on the first car because of erratic driving or stopping abruptly. Blame may also be put on the last vehicle in the event that the driver rear-ended the vehicle in front of them. The middle vehicle may have also caused the accident by hitting the first vehicle.

As you can see, multiple car accidents can be very difficult to assess. If you are involved in a multiple car accident, you will want to:

  • multiple car crash lawyersGet immediate medical attention for anyone that might be injured
  • Write down the events that led to the accident
  • Get the contact information of all other drivers involved
  • Get contact information for anyone who witnessed the event
  • Ensure your description is taken by police
  • Contact a lawyer

What Happens Next

When multiple vehicles are involved, insurance companies will fight to ensure that they do not have to pay claims.

A lawyer will be needed to determine how an accident occurred. Oftentimes, accident recreation specialists will be brought in so that determining fault is easier. At BGS, we take care of all of this on behalf of our clients to help determine which steps to take next.

Typically, you will now have a person’s insurance policy information, which you will use to file your claim.

This can only be done when a person has been deemed at fault.

In the event that fault is still in question, insurance filing will need to be done through each party that may be at fault. Once this is done, you will:

  • File with your own insurance company if collision is included
  • File with your health insurance to pay any medical bills

Multiple car accidents are typically very time consuming and it can take months or years before a settlement is reached and a case is finally closed.  You will be able to seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain, suffering and emotional distress
  • Damages to your vehicle
  • Lost wages
  • Injuries (including Permanent Injuries)

There may be other hardships caused by the accident that will also be included within your compensation sought. If the drivers of the vehicles are all non-commercial, you will be dealing primarily with insurance companies.  In the event that the person at fault was driving a commercial vehicle, you may be able to seek damages from multiple sources, such as the driver and employer.

Steps You Should Be Taking Right Now

An immediate investigation into your vehicular accident must take place. The more time that passes, the harder it will be to gather evidence, determine fault and ultimately win your case. In some cases, there are statutes of limitation in place where you will lose the right to be made whole again.

With over 75 years of experience dealing with vehicular accidents of all kinds, the personal injury and accident legal team at BGS can help you win your case and receive the settlement that you deserve. Contact us today at (763) 780-8500 to schedule your free initial consultation and see the difference the right attorney can make for your case!