Collection Law

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You have worked hard to grow your company.  Don’t let uncollected receivables hamper your continued success.  If your business has past due accounts, our collection attorneys may be able to assist you in collecting the outstanding company debt so that you have more time to focus on your company. 

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Collect the Funds You’re Due

The BGS team of collection attorneys has the experience to obtain enforceable judgments and proceed with all post judgment remedies allowed by law.  If your company has already obtained a judgment against a debtor, our collection attorneys may also be able to assist you in collecting on the unpaid debt.

We Can Help Resolve Bad Debt

Our experienced litigation attorneys may also be able to assist your company in defending, resolving and negotiating any judgments that have been brought and/or threatened against your company.  Don’t hesitate – let our attorneys begin assisting you in resolving your company’s bad debt issues today.

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When you provide a service or product to a customer, you expect to be paid in a timely manner rather than placated with promises that eventually are broken.  We can help.

Please contact any one of our litigation attorneys to discuss the collection of your company’s bad debt.

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* Kletscher, Bradley A.
* Kurth, Karen K.
* Quade, Joan M.