Banking Law

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Financial institutions represented by Barna, Guzy & Steffen receive the experienced assistance of attorneys working within this highly regulated industry. We have served as advisors to banks, bank holding companies and other financial institutions on a variety of banking law issues throughout our 75 year history.

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banking law attorneysThe federal and state regulations affecting financial institutions and their customers are rapidly changing. At BGS, our lawyers adapt to changing standards and stay abreast of all new legislation to better advise our clients of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

From our offices in Coon Rapids, we can offer clients assistance with:

  • structuring asset and real estate-based loans
  • protecting their interests in bankruptcy proceedings
  • mortgage foreclosures
  • collection issues
  • environmental and lender liability issues

If litigation becomes necessary in a specific situation, our banking attorneys work closely with the members of the BGS Commercial Litigation Section to protect the interests of our banking clients. Barna, Guzy & Steffen banking attorneys are also available to assist non-banking clients seeking legal assistance in borrowing funds.

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If you need assistance with a banking matter in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, we can help you with all of the necessary details.

BGS Staff – Banking Law Attorneys:

* Hurley, Michael F.
* Johnson, Jeffrey S.
* Seykora, Charles M.
* Caturia, Thomas M.
* Deuhs, Joseph J. Jr.