Areas of Practice

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Practicing law requires legal expertise, adversarial commitment, and sensitivity to the special interests of our clients. Barna, Guzy & Steffen is a full-service law firm that provides quality legal services to individuals and small businesses as well as large corporations. They range in diversity from municipalities and government entities, to small and large educational and financial institutions, to insurance companies and entrepreneurial organizations.

Our clients have the opportunity if needed to work with a team of their own that includes attorneys, paralegals and administrative assistants, each with the expertise to assist them in whatever area of practice they need.

Our goal in providing a variety of legal services is to take care of all facets of our clients’ legal needs within our own firm. As an example, if a business client wishes to sell their business, they may need business succession and other estate planning services. If a client gets a divorce, they may need to update their will and other estate planning documents. They may also need to sell their home. We can help with whatever legal issues arise and guide our clients through a process of assessing their needs, planning and evaluating the options and choosing the best course in any situation.