August 2012

What To Do In Case of a Car Accident

what to do in case of a car accident

It’s one of those things you don’t like to think about – what to do in case of a car accident – but it’s something you should prepare for so that if an accident does occur, you’re better prepared to deal with the situation. We have put together a simple car accident form that you can download and save to your smartphone or print it out so you can have a copy for your glove compartment. Having this information available could help you know what to do if you are involved in a car accident. Here is the information you’ll find in the form: IN CASE OF A CAR ACCIDENT At the Time of the Auto Accident: Remain calm and call the police. Tell the..

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Progressive Insurance’s Tarnished Image

I was just checking the latest news when I came across the following article from CNN Money: Progressive settles with accident victim’s family after tale went viral Progressive Insurance finally paid the victim of a family under its “under-insured” motorist coverage after forcing the victim’s family to go to trial.  A young woman was killed when another driver ran a red light.  The victim’s brother was offended when his sister’s insurance company, Progressive, actively participated in the negligent driver’s legal defense.  The article points out how poorly Progressive handled the case and the resulting public relations nightmare that followed after the victim’s brother posted on the internet an account of what the family had to go through to get Progressive to pay. Unfortunately..

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Back To School With the Right Supplies

Barna, Guzy & Steffen Family Law attorney Beverly Dodge coordinated an annual Back to School supply event this August. This year, the firm will donate supplies to Hamilton Elementary in Coon Rapids. “Donating school supplies is a way each of us can help give back directly within our community, ” said Bev, “The kids receiving these supplies might not otherwise have some of the basic necessities for back to school, let alone “extras” that our own children take for granted. This contrast creates problems for their success in school.” Items being donated by staff and attorneys included all the basics such as crayons and markers, folders, notebooks, backpacks and more. The firm also made a monetary donation with which Bev purchased even more supplies.

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BGS Paralegal Terry Pahl Receives Legion of Merit

Family Law Paralegal Sergeant Major Terry Pahl (Ret) was recently awarded one of the highest ranking ribbons/honors in the United States Army. SGM Pahl is the recipient of the Legion of Merit. This award is the 7th highest honor in the United States Army, above a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Soldier’s Medal. This honor recognizes his “exceptionally meritorious service in positions of increasing responsibility, culminating a 40-year career as the Command Paralegal Noncommissioned Officer, 214th Legal Operation Detachment, United States Reserve Legal Command.” He served his country with distinction and excellence and upon retirement is recognized for the performance of duty that represents exemplary service in the finest traditions of the Army. SGM Pahl retired from the United States Army Reserves on March 1..

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