February 2011

Lawyers and Advertising

All Minnesota lawyers are required to conduct their professional activities consistent with the MN Rules of Professional Conduct. These are often referred to as the “Canon’ of Ethics.” These rules/canons cover a wide range of activities including advertising, and direct communication to the public about legal services. The rules on advertising and direct communication can be found in Rules 7.1–7.5 of the MN Rules of Professional Conduct. Rule 7.3 sets out the restrictions on how a lawyer or law firm may have direct contact with a potential new client to solicit a case or legal representation. Some lawyers send out letters and brochures to injured people whose name they get from a public list. This written communication must identify itself as “advertising material.” A..

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Interpreters: Who They Are & What They Do

The United States is the home to millions of immigrants, many of whom do not speak English or have a limited ability with the language. Consequently, an interpreter has come to be of great importance, especially in the legal aspect of a person’s life. It is not only important that an interpreter be available for a non-English speaker, but that this interpreter be as accurate as possible. There is a difference when an individual is informed during an interview: “you can leave at ANY time during this interview” and then have the interpreter translate as: “you can leave AFTER the interview is done”. It seems like an insignificant difference; yet, you can see that from the beginning of this interrogation this person was not given..

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Good News for the Migraine Sufferer

If you have ever experienced a migraine, you know how debilitating it can be and that it is not, in any way, like a normal headache. A migraine occurs when swollen blood vessels around the brain press on nearby nerves, causing intense pulsing or throbbing pain. Migraine headaches affect approximately 12% of Americans, typically in the range of 25 – 55 years of age. Women are three times more likely to experience migraines. Stress, diet, and hormonal change can trigger migraines. Migraines can also develop as the result of trauma when involved in an automobile accident. The migraine headache is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness and intense sensitivity to light and noise. Some individuals will also experience an “aura”. During ancient times, the Greeks..

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