November 2010

Small Town Friendly, Big City Experience and Expertise

When someone is injured, they can quickly find out that the insurance companies that could not be nicer to them when they paid their premiums, may not be fair in their assessment of an accident. For that reason, Personal Injury attorney John Buchman advises his clients “to not become a victim twice. The first time can’t be helped-something happened to you. Don’t assume that your insurance company will be fair. You can prevent being a victim a second time by hiring a good lawyer. Why wait and hope they might be fair?” Our Minnesota Personal Injury lawyers have experience in may different types of cases and they will work with you to learn everything about your injury. At BGS, you will..

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Medical Insurance Issues: Denial of Claims

As a former nurse and now a lawyer for over 23 years, I become a little disheartened when I see what I believe are legitimate insurance claims being denied by medical insurance providers. I understand they need to contain costs and ensure that only tests and treatments that are necessary are covered, so that the ever-escalating insurance premiums do not continue to overburden individuals and especially small businesses. But we pay our premiums so that we have the coverage we need, and insurance companies need to be fair. The reality is that the insurance policy is a legal contract between the company and the individual that outlines the responsibilities of both parties. Most insurance companies must pay for the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by..

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