May 2010

Risky Business: Writing Your Own Legal Documents Can Be Costly

by Thomas P. Malone Spring 2006 A client recently presented me with a document in which he had written that his employment with his corporation, which he had founded, was “at will”. He was shocked to learn this meant his corporation could fire him at will. He thought it meant he could leave whenever he wanted but he could also stay with the company for as long as he wished. Another client filed and served a Mechanic’s Lien (giving those who work on real estate a lien on that property for the value of their labor and materials) which included required language about subcontractors, but also added additional language which in essence gave the homeowner an argument that the company providing the work was not..

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No Texting While Driving Minnesota Statute

Minnesota Statute 169.475 makes it illegal and subjects the violator to a fine and possible jail sentence for texting, emailing, accessing a web page, or similar actions. A driver can still make a phone call or use a hands free communication device. The statute reads in part, “no person may operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communication device to compose, read or send an electronic message, when the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic.” There are exceptions for emergency circumstances.

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