February 2010

Collateral Effects of Arrests – What You Need to Know

By Jon P. Erickson and Shawn D. Stuckey Summer 2007 BGS In Brief Newsletter When a person is convicted of a crime, they are subject to the direct and collateral effects of a conviction.  But what happens when a person is arrested for an offense and the case is either not charged, or the person is found not guilty?  Most people think that the arrest record is either thrown out or sealed.  Many are unaware that anyone can have access to that information for years to come.  Some of whom could use this information to make determinations of capability for employment and housing.  Others who posses the capacity, and many times do, to make the person’s arrest known to the world.  Unless actions are taken..

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Your Car is Sinking: Now What?

The tragedy of the 35W bridge and the floods in southeast Minnesota remind us all of unexpected dangers we face. Many of us have wondered, at one time or another, what would we do if our car ended up under water. While it is relatively rare, experts indicate that 300 people die each year in this country when their cars end up under water. I have checked a number of sources and, while experts differ, the most consistent advice was as follows: 1. Don’t panic. I know this is easy to say when someone is sitting behind a desk coming up with advice and much harder when you are the one in the car that is sinking. However, it is absolutely essential to have a..

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